Perry's Place Gala 2017 (DP & Editor)

Tomboys at Tea (DP/Editor)

Better at Basketball (DP & Editor)

The Dream Catcher BTS (DP & Editor)

The Crossroads Talent Show (DP & Editor)

Fantasy vs. Reality (DP/Editor)

The "Alleys" Movie Premiere (DP)

Mr. Pube (DP, Director and Writer)

The KATO Project BTS (Editor)

Comp Wars  (DP & Editor)

Cuerpaso checks out the grand opening

The Retrieval (DP)

Jazz Meets Motown (DP & Editor)

Yetunde (DP)

The Task Trailer (DP)

VFX Artist

I put myself in The Orville trailer

Runners Part 2 (VFX Artist)